Whats got into you listening to pages that have the title of a song on them. Your seriously reading these pages that give you life advice? Hmm,I guess you will have alot more to come than. You many go back to different pages you have already seen but keep clicking you will get somewhere else! Well, you know that so boulevard of broken dreams right? Well, think when you look at your friends you see that smile on their face right? But you hear their attitude to right? Well, thats a wall. A wall of depression to see who could break it down and if that person really cared enough to. Its okay to break that wall down but, dont hurt your friend doing it. Well, i see you have two options this time! Chose wisely.A path through the light? Or to the words through the dark? src="http://data2.whicdn.com/images/46974868/large.jpg" src="http://ak1.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/8018818/preview/stock-footage-tree-alley-park-background-sun-rays-shining-through-forest-trees-autumn-scenery.jpg"